I Need a New Girl (To Do Drugs With)

by Fur Pillows

I Need a New Girl (To Do Drugs With) cover art


Fur Pillows is the new musical endeavor of Melinda Parks, Jonny Kelson (Calvin Krime), and Sean Tillmann (Har Mar Superstar, Sean Na Na, Calvin Krime). Though the band currently lives in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles respectively, the band considers themselves a Minnesota band. The three songwriters have been friends and collaborators since their days at the Minnesota Center for Arts Education (now Perpich Center for Arts Education), a high school not unlike Fame. Things got started for FurPillows when Parks, Kelson, and Tillmann spent a few weeks together on Salt Spring Island, BC in March 2010 writing songs inspired by the lush scenery and a sheep named Julep that they befriended. It was clear that this vacation/ writing style should be given a proper name and recorded in a proper studio. Fur Pillows was born and sessions ensued at Sound Gallery in Minneapolis. The initial songs inspired the band to take two trips to Deep Lake in Clearbrook, Minnesota to continue writing. As they approach the end of 2011 the band is preparing to play live and have 10 songs under the belts with more to come.

The sound is ever-changing but tends to land somewhere in a post traumatic goth world of soft noise with pop reachings for scrambled brains. David Lynch would be proud. All three singers bring their own distinct styles to the table which, in turn, gives each song a new personality. A couple of singles and an LP are in the works and will hopefully see the light of day in 2012 on labels to be announced. Until then please download your free mp3 of their first song made public "I Need a New Girl (To Do Drugs With)". Enjoy it, and tell your friends about Fur Pillows!


released 05 August 2011
Recorded and mixed by Nick Tveitbakk at Sound Gallery. Additional vocals by Dessa of Doomtree. Additional production by Ryan Olson.



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